Sunday, March 31, 2013

Transportation changes coming

Over on the Seattle Schools Community blog, Melissa Westbrook writes that many changes may be coming to transportation.

Let's open a thread here just to discuss the APP-specific changes. As Melissa wrote, one of the proposals is to "End busing and ORCA cards for APP and IB programs" to save $700K. School Board President Kay Smith-Blum objected to that, pointing out that APP and IB students don't really have a choice of where to go to access their programs and that the district gets specific funding from the state for APP transportation, but apparently the proposal is still on the list.

Open thread

Starting to feel like summer here in Seattle. What's on your mind?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vision and leadership for Advanced Learning

Over at the Seattle Schools Community Forum, there are two posts, "Advanced Learning - It's Time for Change" and "Advanced Learning Policy", that APP parents probably want to see.

Please comment over there to discuss those specific topics -- Bob Vaughan's leadership of the Advanced Learning office and Charlie Mas' vision for advanced learning -- but let's open up a thread here to talk about the broader issues raised. What are the highest priority problems with Advanced Learning in Seattle? Why are those problems persisting? How can APP parents effectively advocate for change, for something better?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Open thread

A new open thread. Have at it!

Input on strategic plan?

APP parents, what would you like to see in the district's new strategic plan? Sue Peters is on the strategic plan community task force and asked for a thread on what should be included. Please discuss in the comments.