Saturday, August 25, 2012

Open thread

School is just a couple weeks away! What's on your mind?

By the way, in the comments on the earlier posts, there's still some active discussion of the new principals at Hamilton and Lowell (Lowell, not at Lowell@Lincoln), algebra for 6th grade APP, and math curriculum for elementary APP. If you haven't looked at the comments on the previous posts in a while and you're interested in those topics, might take a peek at what is there.

Update: This is active thread (in the comments) with a lot of parents asking questions, especially about Hamilton APP. Please chime in if you have any advice.

PBS NewsHour on Rainer Scholars

On Tuesday, the PBS NewsHour aired a report, "Are Year-Round Enrichment Programs the Answer to Summer Learning Loss?", with extensive coverage of Seattle's Rainer Scholars program.

Well worth reading the article and watching the 8 minute segment.