Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Open thread

Summer's back, nice and sunny out! Talk about whatever you like!

This might also be a good thread to share anything fun you found this summer that other APP parents might enjoy too for their kids. Starting it off, I really like DragonBox, which is the best game I've ever seen for teaching algebra, genuinely fun, the puzzles turn out to be the same operations you perform to solve algebra problems. If you like that, you might enjoy SquareLogic, which is a really excellent implementation of the Sudoku-like KenKen game, teaches logic and fast arithmetic operations, addictive and fun. If you have a middle or high school kid, I'd highly recommend Udacity's free Physics 100 class, surprisingly fun, challenging, excellent blend of physics and math, very well done. Oh, and Camp Orkila is great.

Math and math waivers

By request, a new thread to talk about math education in SPS, math waivers for our schools, what math should be available to APP students, and what parents could do to try to improve the math instruction that is available.

Wish list for new Hamilton principal

By popular demand, let's create a new thread to talk about "HIMS families' wish list for the new principal".

Sounds like there is a lot of concern at Hamilton about how APP fits in, what math is available to APP students at Hamilton, some of the teachers assigned to APP, and overcrowding, capacity, and whether overcrowding and capacity may force changes.

How do you think the new Hamilton principal should investigate these issues? What do you think the new principal should do?