Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wish list for new Hamilton principal

By popular demand, let's create a new thread to talk about "HIMS families' wish list for the new principal".

Sounds like there is a lot of concern at Hamilton about how APP fits in, what math is available to APP students at Hamilton, some of the teachers assigned to APP, and overcrowding, capacity, and whether overcrowding and capacity may force changes.

How do you think the new Hamilton principal should investigate these issues? What do you think the new principal should do?


lendlees said...

There is a link to the parent survey that went to current, graduating as well as incoming HIMS parents that outlines their 'wishes' in a new principal.

The link is available on the HIMS website ( Basically it reiterates a lot of the comments that have been previously discussed: modeling professional behavior, proactively dealing with teachers, able to juggle multiple constituents as well as having some middle school experience.

Greg Linden said...

Thanks, Lendlees. To make it easier for others, here is a direct link to the PDF of the document that summarizes the survey of what is most important for Hamilton families in a new principal.

The survey is pretty general though (main conclusion is that the principal should be "respectful and professional"). It likely is worth a discussion of what APP parents would like the principal to investigate first and what specific changes they would like to see.

Anonymous said...

"Improve staff" was high on the list as well.

Anonymous said...

Greg, the #1 request was that the principal "should model professional and respectful behavior among staff and students" - that's a bit different and clearly points to getting rid of some of the egregious staff behavior. #2 request was that the principal "should proactively work to improve staff." Pretty clear that parents want the new principal to come in and deal with all those poor-performing teachers who've flown under the radar for so long.

suep. said...

I've heard the principal search has been narrowed down to a few candidates, with a final choice probably coming fairly soon. Fingers crossed.

This is the wish list & note I sent to the district earlier in the summer:

Characteristics I'd like to have in our next principal:

A proven and enthusiastic commitment to all the programs HIMS offers, including advanced learning and language immersion.

A serious commitment to hiring and retaining highly qualified, inspired teachers for all programs in the school.

An intolerance of instructional mediocrity.

Strong communication skills within the school and with the school community.

Hamilton is a growing school with a vibrant community and great potential, but it has also had a number of serious issues these past few years, many related to inconsistent (sometimes downright inappropriate) instructional quality and content, which have gone largely unaddressed. So we need strong leadership to help the school realize its potential.

Anonymous said...

August 2, 2012

Dear Hamilton International Middle School community,

I am excited today to announce the appointment of Lucinda (Cindy) Watters as your new principal.

Ms. Watters comes to Hamilton International Middle School from Einstein Middle School in Shoreline where she has been serving as Assistant Principal. She is committed to providing supports and extending learning for all students, and she will be a great fit for the Hamilton International Middle School community.

Cindy Watters previously served as House Administrator for two years at Eckstein Middle School. She taught in Shanghai, China for three years. Before moving to China in 2005, Cindy taught in the Puyallup School District for 11 years. She earned a Masters of Education from the University of Washington-Tacoma and a Bachelor of Arts in Education at Pacific Lutheran University. She holds a Washington State Administrative Certificate.

Ms. Watters was selected after a hiring process that began with surveying the community on their desired principal characteristics and included extensive input from staff and families. The selection team was particularly impressed with her overseas teaching experience, which provides an appreciation of and preparation for the work of an International School. She also has strong instructional leadership experience and is dedicated to upholding and building on the Hamilton International Middle School goals and priorities.

Your previous principal, Chris Carter, has accepted the position of principal at Mercer Middle School. We wish him well and thank him for making Hamilton an excellent school. Thank you also to the Hamilton International Middle School community for your deep involvement in selecting your new principal.

Please join me in welcoming Cindy Watters to Hamilton International Middle School!

Anonymous said...

Does Ms. Watters have any gifted education background?
- Curious

Anonymous said...

...I was wondering the same, though Shoreline does have honors and advanced classes at their middle schools and those in the highly capable program can access Algebra I in 7th grade. They also use CMP for middle school math, but transition to Prentice Hall for Algebra.

Anonymous said...

Gerlitz following Carter to Mercer! Should improve climate for APP @ HIMS.

open ears

Anonymous said...

Open Ears

We are new to Hamilton this year. Who is Gerlitz?


NESeattleMom said...

She used to teach LA/SS for general ed. My daughter said she was great. She was one of her basketball coaches for a rec team.