Friday, February 16, 2018

New Facebook group for High School Parents

Some parents have recently setup a new facebook group specifically for high school HCC discussions. I assume it will operate similarly to the elementary and middle school ones and should be of use to many of you. (Note: there usually is a verification process to join, make sure to accurately fill out any questions.)

If you interested sign up here: HCC High School Page

HCC Middle School Page:

HCC Elementary Page:

If you have other groups you'd like to publicize (and have appropriate permission) I'm happy to add to the list.

As a side note, I think this blog plays a unique role given the many social media options and I hope others feel the same and keep coming here as well.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

February '18 Open Thread

I'm very relieved after last night's board meeting.  The recap for everyone who didn't tune in is:

  • The last boundary map F4.3 was adopted. 
  • Lincoln will serve as the north end HCC pathway and the Language Immersion pathway.
  • Most of the big boundary adjustments are in the Lincoln area. The side effects around the rest of the map were minimized versus some of the earlier iterations.
  • Re:grandfathering:  students who choose the pathway high school next year are to be grandfathered, current W. Seattle students at Washington are also to be grandfathered at Garfield. 
  • The resolution passed asking the staff to report back on improving identification and increasing advanced learning in every high school next year. Based on that work, the board may revisit the need for a pathway. So basically, the arguments will continue next year but hopefully with better supporting data.

So hopefully, everyone has enough information to make an informed choice for next year.  Open enrollment will start on February 5th. District Link

Things I'm tracking
  • NGSS Science Standards
  • The new superintendent search
  • Lincoln H.S. rollout.
  • Bus Strike

The February meeting of the Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee will take place tomorrow - Tuesday, February 6,:30 - 8:00 PM - at the John Stanford Center for Education Excellence, Room 2776.

A code for the elevator/door code is available at the security window in the Lobby.

The agenda will include:

- Recap on High School Boundary changes
- Updates from new schools: Madison, Robert Eagle Staff and Decatur
- Update from Advanced Learning on the eligibility process
- Continued work on the Program Review Tool

Future meetings will take place:
March 6, Robert Eagle Staff Middle School, Library
April 3, JSCEE, Room 2700
May 1, JSCEE, Room 2700
June 5, Madison Middle School, Library

What's on your minds?