Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More details on APP splits

A presentation for today's Board work session on capacity has some tentative plans for what will happen to APP over the next few years on pages 17-27.

Briefly, the tentative plan contemplates splitting south APP (putting new APP in West Seattle) and multiple splits in the north (2-3 elementary and middle school locations). It largely leaves Spectrum and ALO unchanged ("continue" Spectrum and ALO, slide 27), definitely not a strong push to attract people to Spectrum (as a way of restraining APP growth).

Please discuss.

Update: Some more details on the presentation and work session.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Open thread

School's out for summer. What's on your mind?

Advocating for APP

The APP AC sent out an an e-mail asking parents to "e-mail the Superintendent, District staff, and School Board Directors as well as the feedback email for the Growth Boundaries", adding "now is the time to let the District staff and Board Directors know how you feel about the current model of APP and the future of the program."

The e-mail goes on to request that your letters say "why the current APP delivery model is appropriate for highly capable students by explaining how and why it works for your student and family" as well as mention that "90% APP families responded [in a recent survey] that they are highly satisfied or satisfied with the current model." They also ask parents to request that any changes maintain a self-contained program at least in elementary and a minimum cohort size of 2-3 classrooms per grade in all locations.

The full e-mail is here. You can view the Google Group for the APP AC and sign up for e-mails from the APP AC here.

Please see also the earlier thread, "APP services will be offered at additional sites", and the discussion there of the possible changes coming to APP.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Open thread

School is almost over, summer is here, the time is right. What's on your mind?

School board candidates

By popular demand, a new thread to discuss the candidates for school board, especially the impact they might have, if any, on advanced learning in Seattle Public Schools. To get us starting, quoting from KUOW:
Six candidates are vying for two Seattle School Board seats in the August 6 primary election.

In Director District 5, which includes Capitol Hill, the Central Area, Beacon Hill and downtown, Kay Smith-Blum is stepping down from her board seat after one term.

The candidates for her seat are Stephan Blanford, an educational policy consultant; LaCrese Green, a retired state worker who also ran for the board eight years ago; and Olu Thomas, an unemployed social worker.

In District 4, which spans Phinney Ridge, Ballard, Magnolia and Queen Anne, Michael DeBell is leaving his seat after eight years on the board.

The contenders in that district are Suzanne Dale Estey, an economic development consultant; Dean McColgan, a former Federal Way mayor and city council member; and Sue Peters, a writer and education activist.
Update: Seattle Schools Community Forum has interviews and thoughts on the candidates.

June Surprise at Hamilton

Still no firm information, but there is a rumor that APP may get partially or fully moved out of Hamilton starting this year (as in at the end of summer). By request, starting a new thread to discuss.

Please see also the April 2013 thread, "Capacity at Hamilton", and the discussion there.

Update: In the comments, a letter apparently just sent to Hamilton parents from Superintendent Banda saying, "We are not planning to relocate any 6-8th grade students to other schools for the upcoming school year."