Monday, October 29, 2012

Open thread

Looks like we might need a new open thread. Have at it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lincoln APP budget cut

By request, a thread to discuss a new development at elementary APP at Lincoln (Lowell@Lincoln), a letter from Principal Rina Geoghagan that says "enrollment was lower than ... projected" so "Lincoln will be losing a classroom teacher and reducing teachers Preparation, Conference, and Planning (PCP) by 0.5 FTE ... This will necessitate the reassignment of some students into different classrooms."

A letter from the PTA for Lincoln (SNAPP PTA) responds, "We intend to fight this decision ... We believe that this staffing cut is being driven by a budget shortfall, and it appears that schools across the district are not sharing in the burden equally. We currently have an average student:teacher ratio of nearly 25:1, equal to or higher than other elementary schools."

Thursday, October 11, 2012

What is APP for and who should be in it

By request, and because an earlier thread was largely taken over by it, here is an opportunity to discuss the entry criteria to APP, whether it has been weakened, and what it should be.

As several parents have pointed out, this may need to be a broader discussion of the purpose of APP and the decline of Spectrum. It may need to get into whether there should be multiple programs for students working one, two, or more grade levels ahead, and what the purpose and entry criteria should be for each of the programs.

Have at it!

Open thread

About a month into school. How's it going?

Monday, October 1, 2012

APP at Lincoln for next five years?

According to a couple parents, Superintendent Banda sent out a letter indicating that APP elementary in the north will be staying at Lincoln for the next five years.

From one of the parents, quoting from the letter from Banda:
Specifically regarding the APP program, I want to provide the following updates:

-APP students will remain at Lincoln for the next five school years, including this year.
-If BEX IV is approved, staff recommend moving the current north end APP elementary students to a new Wilson-Pacific building (tentatively scheduled to open for the 2017-18 school year).
-Beyond the 2017-18 school year, in addition to Wilson-Pacific we might consider additional locations for APP if enrollment continues to increase or if recommendations to provide additional regional programs are made. That’s why it is important that we build flexibility into our BEX IV plan.
-I have also asked the capital planning staff to review options at the interim site to address concerns with the play area and lunchroom facilities.
Another parent read this and said:
We got a letter on Friday from Jose Banda saying:
1. Lincoln is it for the next five years
2. IF BEXIV passes, a single school at Wilson-Pacific is the plan, beginning 2017-18. Regional options are possible later.

1. the debate between the ALL APP Academy and regional schools is over.
2. there is no sibling co-attendance option for North.
3. No kindergarten at APP North.
4. We're talking 900-1000 students in a single elementary school at current course and speed.

Give credit for decisiveness, but this is a pretty profound decision with no process, and there are many, many unanswered questions.
Full text of the letter doesn't appear to be available easily but, if anyone finds it, please post it in the comments.

Update: The full letter. (thanks, SNAPP PTA!)

Update: Charlie Mas posts about this too over on Save Seattle Schools.