Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Opting out of MAP?

By request, a new thread to talk about "the MAP opt out forms that Freshman are bring home from Garfield in support of the teachers boycott."

Please feel free also to use this for a broader discussion of the reasons APP students, in an organized way or just individually, might or might not want to opt out of MAP testing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Open thread

What's on your mind, APP parents?

Please use the dedicated thread below for discussion of capacity in the north, the possible reopening of Jane Addams, and how that impacts APP. I know that's on everyone's mind, there's a lot of comments on that thread already, so let's keep that discussion together over there.

How to partially home school in APP

In another thread, a few parents were asking about home schooling just for a subject or two, especially math and science. Another parent offered this:
Let the registrar know in the Spring that you intend to part time homeschool for the upcoming school year. It makes it easier to schedule a late start or early realease. Note your intention on the class choice sheet. Prior to the beginning of the school year, get a "Declaration of Intent to Provide Home Based Instruction" form from the homeschool center (now called Cascade Parent Partnership Program). Submit the completed form to CPPP and a copy to the registrar at your school. You can also do it right before the semester.

That's about the extent of it. Your child will need to be dropped off late or picked up early. Another alternative is taking more electives to maintain a full 6 period schedule and transportation.

I'd contact the CPPP for the paperwork details and the school for scheduling details and other info.
I thought that was useful information and worth a new thread. So, here you go, a thread to discuss partially home schooling, how to make that happen with the district and teachers, how to make it work well for the kids and parents, and whether it's a good idea.

Friday, January 18, 2013

APP in the NE and capacity planning

Big changes in the works to deal with capacity issues in the NE. Seattle Schools Community Forum just put up a good post on it, "No Clear Answer for the NE".

By request, let's open a thread to discuss APP specific issues with the plans for the NE. In particular, as a couple parents point out, some of the plans would start a new middle school in the NE and likely lead to a split at the middle school level for APP, but let's also open this up broadly to discussion of all the capacity plans in the NE and what they may mean for APP.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Open thread

A new open thread. Talk about whatever you like!

This also is a good spot for parents new to APP or considering APP to ask questions of other parents.

Demand for an APP private school?

In an earlier thread, a parent wrote:
This city could support one more private school that focuses on highly capable kids. If I didn't already have a full time job...
Another parent added, "It is time. I hope it is not only a dream."

That seems like a nicely controversial topic likely to generate some good discussion, so here's a new thread for it. Go to it!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Plan for Hamilton?

An e-mail to Hamilton students from the Hamilton PTSA said:
Last night Seattle Public Schools introduced its short-term capacity management ... The specifics of the plan can be found in the District's presentation.

All incoming sixth graders and new students from the Laurelhurst Attendance Area would be shifted to Eckstein Middle School ... Current fifth grade APP students at Lincoln would continue on to Hamilton.
Please discuss.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Leaving APP?

A parent writes:
This is our 5th year in APP with our two kids. Like many of you we lived through the Lowell/TM split and closure scare, last year's move to Lincoln, this year's emergency fund-drive at Lincoln, and now the question of where the 5th graders will go. I have to say, the district has finally worn us down. Uncle! We're hoping that our older one can finish at Hamilton without any drama, and we're working furiously on private school apps for our 5th grader. It's really unfortunate- we love our APP teachers and community... but we are at the point where the obscene price of private for 3 years actually seems worth it for some stability (that is, IF we get in & get some aid).
Please discuss.