Saturday, August 25, 2012

PBS NewsHour on Rainer Scholars

On Tuesday, the PBS NewsHour aired a report, "Are Year-Round Enrichment Programs the Answer to Summer Learning Loss?", with extensive coverage of Seattle's Rainer Scholars program.

Well worth reading the article and watching the 8 minute segment.


Kate Martin said...

Does Rainier Scholars skim?

Greg Linden said...

That is discussed in the segment. Did you want to discuss it here too?

If you do, can you elaborate on why you think it is a problem?

Maureen said...

Obviously they skim. That's what choosing the top 60 out of 600 applicants is (it's not a lottery.) Of course Spectrum and APP skim from neighborhood schools as well.

What I wonder is how much of the low African American participation rate in APP is explained by Rainier Scholars? Does the percent of AA students enrolled in APP drop after 4th grade as Rainier Scholars funnels a disproportionate percentage of those kids to private schools?

Actually, this piece doesn't address the private school tracking thing at all. Is there data on what % of scholars move from public to private after 4th (5th,6th...) grade?