Thursday, May 27, 2010

APP Advisory Committee asks for feedback

The APP Advisory Committee is asking for feedback on the year. Feel free to put comments on this post about your feedback, but they are asking for your feedback to be sent directly to them by e-mail.

A copy of their message is below (slightly edited for formatting and clarity):
As we get close to the end of this school year and start to think about writing our committee's final report to the district, we would like to hear your thoughts about how things are going.

Please drop us an email and consider the following:
  • Are things different now than they were at the beginning of the year?
  • What's working, what's good?
  • What's not working, what needs addressing?
  • What are your concerns for next year?
  • How can our committee do what we do better?
  • What was most helpful/important to you that the APP AC did this year?
    (e.g. hold monthly meetings, send monthly meeting minutes, send email updates, host middle school transition meeting, send out school announcements like tour dates/etc., forward emails from other groups/gifted ed/legislative info, support 2E meetings, respond to individual email questions, advocate behind the scenes on issues, work with district/building staff, generally keep the community informed?)
All communications will be kept confidential within the committee [and] will inform the issues we write about this year and address for next year. Thanks for your time and support.

Send your email to all or your school rep listed below [and] mention [which schools] your kids attend:

Chair, Stephanie Bower,
Secretary, Ann Owens,
Diversity Rep, Roberto Jourdan,
At-large Rep, Val Morris-Lent,
Communications Rep, Robert Njegovan,
Lowell Parent Rep, Geeta Teredesai,
Lowell Staff Rep, Theresa Roth,
Thurgood Marshall Parent Rep, Rachel Miller,
Thurgood Marshall Staff Rep, Cathy Villanueva,
Washington Parent Rep, Shannon Wheeler,
Washington Staff Rep, Amy Hallet Noji,
Hamilton Parent Rep, Kathy Tanaka,
Hamilton Staff Rep, Marcelyn Shadow,
Garfield Parent Rep, Hildy Ko,
Garfield Staff Rep, Ken Courtney,


Anonymous said...

Looks like they need a few parent reps as well at Lowell, TM and GHS.

Anonymous said...

Is there an official description of what the APP AC is supposed to do? A charter or goals or something? It would be easier to provide feedback on how they have done if I had a clear understanding of what they were supposed to have done.

Greg Linden said...

Hi, Anonymous. I'm not sure what they say their goals are, but there has been some debate in the past about what the APP AC should be doing to help APP.

You can see some of that debate in these past threads, "What do parents want in APP leadership?" and "Do you want a new APP Advocacy group?"

Charlie Mas said...

This year was the first year of the split elementary and middle school programs.

The program splits came with risks. The District made specific promises about how they would address some of those risks.

They promised an aligned, written, taught and tested curriculum that would be fully implemented on the first day of school in fall 2009. They did not fulfill that promise.

They promised that the elementary programs would be comparable in size. The program at Lowell is nearly 50% bigger than the program at Thurgood Marshall. They did not fullfil that promise.

They promised that they would take steps to avoid a repeat of the problems experienced at Madrona when APP was co-housed with a general education program population that was academically and demographically different from APP's population. It's unclear if any of those steps were taken or if they were successful.

It is worth noting that co-housing part of elementary APP with general education students at Thurgood Marshall was specifically recommended AGAINST by the APP Review. The District did it anyway. At one time a response to the APP Review was a project of the Strategic Plan. It appears to have been dropped from the Strategic Plan and there has been no response to the APP Review. That's another promise that wasn't kept.

So where's the accountability?

If the district isn't going to apply any accountability, then what is the appropriate response from the community?