Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Open thread and Lowell open house

A new open thread. What's on your mind, APP parents?

Also, by request, an announcement about an upcoming open house event at Lowell on June 9 at 6pm:

Enrollment has informed us that student assignment letters will be mailed on May 31. As a result, we are not able to send you an invitation to our Open House for returning and new students on May 25 from 6:30-7:30 pm, however we hope that you will see this notice and plan to attend with your student. You will have the opportunity to visit classrooms and meet the teachers with your student.

In addition the PTA is sponsoring a New Family Ice Cream Social on June 9 from 6:00 - 7:30 pm. Classrooms will not be open and teachers will not be present, however this will be an opportunity for families to meet and explore the halls and playground.
Update: There is an interesting and very active discussion still going on at an older thread, "Severe overcrowding at Lowell next year". Don't miss it.


Anonymous said...

The open house start at 6:30 and not at 6.

5/25 - Open House, 6:30 - 7:30 pm (For returning and new families coming to Lowell in the fall )

Greg Linden said...

Hi, Anonymous. The announcement says that tonight's open house starts at 6:30pm, but that there is another one on June 9 starting at 6pm. Is that incorrect?

Anonymous said...

could part of the crowding at lowell be due to siblings of the app kids entering into the alo program as well as the kids in the neighborhood. had ttminor stayed open maybe they should have housed the alo program at that site. hmmm

sp. said...
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sp. said...

Greg -- this may require a new thread.

Lowell has announced it will be getting a third "administrator" next year.

A school of 700 may well need more help.

However, the person the district has selected, Marella Francois has a troubling track record.

Apparently she was the principal of Meany Middle School about 14 years ago, but resigned under controversial circumstances.

Meany Principal Decides To Leave -- She Sparked Anger Among Teachers, Parents

Meany Principal Getting Some Heat

Last Year's Troubles Seem To Be Over At Meany School

There's also some disquieting info about her and her past approach to advanced learning, on the SSS blog, most notably:

"It's the same thing she did with her school when she became principal in 1991. With determination and persuasion, she got the staff and parents to accept a new teaching model called accelerated learning.

"What it means is no more separating students into honors classes, regular classes or remedial classes. Every student is held to the same high honors-level standards. Francois-Griffin, 53, first heard about the idea during a presentation when she was an assistant principal at Madison, located in West Seattle.

"I figured what's good for the gifted and talented kids ought to be good for all," said Francois-Griffin, who lives in the Skyway area with her husband.

from this article:

which was posted on this thread:

Now, this was a number of years ago and one might hope that Marella Francois (then-Griffin) has changed since then.

But why has she not been a principal in 14 years? (Or has she?)

Why is Lowell getting her?

I also find her reported history of driving teachers away from Meany very troubling as well. Lowell's teachers don't need any more pressure.

If Lowell is going to be so overcrowded, it will need the very best leadership helping to direct it, not someone with a controversial history.

I think Lowell parents have a right to ask if Francois is indeed the very best candidate for the position and if so, why. And if not, request/demand a better choice.

--Sue p.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of leadership, does it strike anyone else as highly unusual that so many of Lowell's teachers have, or will be leaving under the current leadership? There seem to be "reasons" for each departure, however the staff would appear to be leaving in unprecedented numbers. Can anyone say why, beyond what has already given by the current leadership?

NESeattleMom said...

Principal Gregory King is assigned in charge of Lowell and Lowell APP at Lincoln, but will keep his office at Lowell. Marella Francois and Rina Geoghagan (sp.?) will both be assistant principals for Lowell APP at Lincoln but will be stationed at Lincoln. Marella Francois comes up on Google for some past year(s) for Marshall, which I believe completely closed down, and also for Seattle Evening School, last year at Lincoln, so maybe she already has an office at Lincoln and they save money on moving her (smile).