Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Open thread

School starts tomorrow! What's on your mind, APP parents?

By the way, for you Lowell@Lincoln APP parents, I made a new dedicated thread for you for talking about how the first day of school and the transition to the temporary location is going if you might prefer to use that other thread, your choice.


dj said...

I don't know if this is the case for all grades and/or both TM and L@L, but we didn't get our teacher assignment/class list until today. Does anyone know why? It seems really late.

Anonymous said...

Hamilton is going to have over 900 kids this year. I'm wondering how long the District decides to move APP yet again. Jane

Anonymous said...

The official count for Hamilton was over 960 as of Friday. They are expecting a "show rate" of around 900. There is no way to know the true enrollment until they do the 4th day counts but I can't imagine that the show rate would be that low.

Regardless, no matter the final count, Hamilton is crowded. A friend that was on the BEX oversight committee told me that Hamilton was really designed for 800. He said that there was a lot of pressure from the Wallingford Neighborhood Association to not build the building much larger to avoid pressure on neighborhood traffic and parking.

Something is going to have to give at Hamilton. There just isn't room for APP, the neighborhood feeder schools and the quickly growing International schools.

At the rate that JSIS and McDonald are growing, they could use their own middle school! Between the two schools, there are 10 K classes and 10 first grade classes. If they continue to have that many students, the International program alone could completely fill Hamilton.

So I agree with Jane, the question is not If but rather When the District decides to move APP yet again

north seattle mom

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when MSP scores from last spring will be posted on the source?

Anonymous said...

How was the first week at Ingraham IB APP? Any reports? How's the music program shaping up?

The kids of 2015 have been split twice, and there's that sense of loss and separation again. The GHS part of the cohort feels small.


spsmom said...

I just go my 4th grader's MSP score from 3rd grade and I need some input here. Background: he's always scored 99% in MAP test across the board. He also tested into APP in 1st grade but we kept him at his local school. last year his APP test was 96% so he missed the APP cut off, but not by much. Anyway his MSP reading score is 426, level 4, but his math is 429, level 3. I'm very surprised because he always does better at math and I'm surprised it's so low. Any input? Is it the school? Or just a fluke of a test? Has anyone else seen this type of pattern, test well one place but not the other.

spsmom said...
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Anonymous said...

MSP scores aren't on the Source yet...where did you get the scores?

Anonymous said...

FYI, from OSPI-

Spring 2011 State Testing Results

Student score reports will be delivered to school districts the first week of September. School districts will then mail those score reports to each family. If you don't receive a score report from spring 2011 by Sept. 27, please call your school district's assessment office.

Anonymous said...

State testing score ranges:


Anonymous said...

oops, guess i should post this here:

EveryoneDeservesMusic said...
I don't know if this is the correct place to ask this, but can someone please clarify--my 4th grader came home and said he doesn't get music this year, only the younger grades. Is this true? I believe the old music teacher is back--why isn't she teaching the older grades? Didn't we as parents express an adamant interest in that over the summer? This will undermine our middle school programs and his opportunity to grow as a musician, as he's not interested in an instrument currently offered...

Does anyone know if Capitol Hill gets music K-5? I don't see why it shouldn't be the same for both schools.

Anonymous said...

I got my kids MSP score report, and I'm confused. I thought the total number of points for Math was 500, but in the range it appears to be 575. When I look at the OSPI report card, the max is 500. Anyone?

I was also looking at the trend for Lowell, and it does not look very good, do you think it's only because of the change in test?


Anonymous said...

I have an APP qualified kid at a non-Spectrum, non-ALO school.

We'd like to keep the kid at the local school.

The kid's in second grade this year and has always run about four years ahead in reading, which was more doable in Kindergarten and first grade.

In second grade, I'm finding the kid is bringing home "just right books" that are more middle schoolish in terms of maturity and content. The most recent book that came home from the class library touches on alcoholism and sexual assault among other things.

I don't think my kid can really get much out of this sort of content and doesn't really like this sort of material, but says there is a limited selection at the "just right" level.

I will try to work with the teacher on this, but I'm starting to get a little worried because we have four more years of grade school ahead of us, and I don't want to micro-manage my kid's education, but I do want things to go well. I'm already a little worn out from supplying reading content to a kids whose been a voracious consumer for the last five years.

The kid's passionate about reading, but is also very serious about moving ahead skill-wise. Part of me thinks the it'd be fine to go down a couple of grade levels and just enjoy some content appropriate books, but I don't really want to say "Stop worrying about advancing" -- seems like we should foster that interest.

I am concerned that if the kid reads books that deal with mature themes all year it will dampen the passion for books.

So I'm looking for suggestions short of changing schools. Does anyone offer book clubs for elementary aged kids?

Any suggestions would be welcome.