Saturday, October 1, 2011

New committees on future of APP

In a recent newsletter, the APP Advisory Committee wrote:
The District is in the process of creating TWO committees that will look at capacity issues involving APP.

The first committee being formed is a district-wide, long-term (2 year membership commitment) effort called the Seattle Public Schools Integrated Facilities and Capacity Management Advisory Committee. ... The committee will be charged with assessing data (facilities, enrollment, program needs, etc.) and integrating requests and recommendations into the overall district-wide capacity management plan.

Interested individuals should submit background information and reasons for your interest via email to no later than Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The second committee is tentatively being called the Advanced Learning Programs and Facilities Advisory Committee. It will be an advanced learning-focused group charged with developing ALO/Spectrum/APP programmatic and facility recommendations to be used by the district-wide capacity management advisory committee.

The process for appointing members to this committee has not yet been finalized.
What do you think about these new committees? About capacity planning for advanced learning? Please discuss in the comments.

Update: A few weeks later, over at the Save Seattle Schools blog, Charlie Mas put up a very relevant post, "Advanced Learning Committees - History and Future".


Exhausted said...

I am so sick of the facilities planning and re-planning of APP. Capacity issues are discussed every single year. Exhaustion over this issue causes me to frequently consider that SPS APP is not a viable path. Should an education solution really be metered out in one year increments?


zella917 said...

I agree with you exhausted; my younger child hasn't scored high enough on the MAP test to be considered for APP, but given the constant churn and uncertainty that we've had in the last 4 years since my older child has been in the program, I'm somewhat relieved!

Donald Tsang said...

Why would anyone voluntarily take a position on the first committee? For two years? Maybe as a stepping stone to getting on the school board, or some other power-hunger reason, but otherwise it seems insane. Any APP parents willing to spend endless hours in meetings having nothing to do with APP? More power to you...

I'm very interested in joining the second, but, of course, there's no information on how to do so yet...

Greg Linden said...

Looks like there are also two "community meetings" on capacity planning. Not clear if it is just the presentation or if there is an opportunity for Q&A and discussion, but here is an announcement from the APP AC.


Community Meetings on Intermediate Term Capacity Management Planning. These meetings are the first step in the
process to address growth of enrollment within the School District’s
The same presentation will be given at each meeting.

The two remaining meetings in this initial phase of the process will take
place on:

Thursday, October 6 in the Madison Middle School Library, from 6:30 -8:00
Tuesday, October 11th in the Hamilton International Middle School Library
from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

To view the presentation materials, please visit our Capital Projects

Donald Tsang said...

Looks like these meetings won't help at all.
In middle of their PowerPoint slides:

What the Plan Does Not Address:
1. Stabilized placement of Accelerated Progress
Program (APP) and Spectrum. This topic will
be the subject of the Advanced Learning Task
Force over the next year.
2. Permanent placement of a new north-end
middle school. This topic will be a subject of
the BEX IV planning process
3. Details of the transition to the New Student
Assignment Plan