Wednesday, June 11, 2014

District priorities and APP

At a school board retreat on June 7, SPS execs presented the district priorities to the Board. Here is a new thread to discuss them, especially how they might impact APP.

Update: Let's expand this to also include the 2014-2015 budget and what that means for APP.


Greg Linden said...

Hat tip to Melissa Westbrook for the link to the presentation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Greg. Does anyone know if there is any plan/timeline for a math textbook adoption for middle school, now that the elementary adoption is done? CMP2 is just awful.

Anonymous said...

Note to teachers: If you are going to give a year end final, you should have actually taught the material on the study guide. Showing "Crash Course History" videos does not count.

When oh when will there be some movement to improve the middle school APP curriculum?

Anonymous said...

You mean videos and role plays don't cut it???