Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Open thread

It's now August and apparently monsoon season in Seattle. What's on your mind?


Grace Hensley said...

A new thread on the SNAPP Facebook page mentions ""The Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board voted 7-1 on July 16 to designate Wilson-Pacific School a city landmark. That prevents Seattle Public Schools officials from proceeding with plans to demolish the school so a new school can be built in its place ..."

Articles citing this include:

and on our sister site:

Are there any other credible sources out there that address the status of Wilson Pacific site and the impact of building (or not building) a school on the APP Program? Has there been any official information about this decision and its impact from the SPS district?

Anonymous said...

It's like Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. Garfield is looking for a French teacher and a Journalism teacher. Know anyone?

open ears

Anonymous said...

Here's positive news, The district calendar actually shows the Advanced Learning nomination deadline, which is October 2nd. This important date has been left off the calendars at times, even when the AL office has submitted it to the calendar folks, meaning that the only way a parent would know about it is if they specifically went looking for it.

The calendar is mailed to every family. It's one tiny piece of the equity of access that we need to reach all the kids who need AL services.

Nevertheless, Oct 2nd is really soon, and teachers (some of whom may not be savvy about the nomination process) have only known the kids a short while. So, if you see something, say something. If you volunteer, or if you are hanging out at the school playground afterschool and talking to parents, spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had letters from transportation re bus time/routes/eligibity etc for Lincoln for the coming year? Would be nice to be able to plan…..

Pm said...

In my experience, the letters usually come immediately before school starts without enough time to fix errors in assignments.

Anonymous said...

Yes, in past years, letters have arrived the Thursday or Friday before Labor day weekend, making it hard to get answers from downtown before school starts. Some people have had luck calling this week though and been told their stop information. Can't hurt to try on Monday.

Anonymous said...

We got our bus letter for Lincoln from Transportation today.

Anonymous said...

Open ears,

I know of a French teacher who is relocating to Seattle very soon. I'll let her know.


Anonymous said...

Any updates on JAMS?

Anonymous said...

We received our transportation letter. I am a little surprised that we have to go a half mile from our house for my daughter to catch the bus. Is that normal?

Anonymous said...

According to the 2014-15 Transportation Standards, bus stops will be 1.0 mile or less for all students where feasible.

Last year it was 0.75 mi. for middle and high school students, and 0.5 mi. for elementary.

Anonymous said...

I noticed on the other Seattle school blog that there was some new information about APP/HC and the task force recommendations:

First, a name change and second, that a HC policy IS in place and has been...and yet I continue to hear that the policy was actually repealed and suspended.

Is this of concern to this community? Is this worth a separate thread?

Excerpt below:

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The Friday Memo to the Board is now posted, with the AL Task Force recommendations. As someone else called it, they will be changing the name from APP to HCC, and there will be a new "streamlined version" of the website (not sure what may be lost in that change). What's most interesting is that Tolley writes Policy D12.0, Highly Capable Student programs is in place, despite the policy being officially repealed in April 2013 (and suspended during the first round of APP splits). It was replaced with Policy 2190, yet it doesn't appear to be on the Board policy website.

Repealing Board Policy D12.00

Weird, huh?


8/26/14, 1:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Perhaps they never voted to repeal Policy D12.0? There is no record of it in Board meeting minutes. The suspension of policy is referenced in a January 2009 Board Action Report:

Rescind the portion of School Board Policy D 12.00 that restricts the number of self-contained highly capable programs to the extent it is incompatible with the Superintendent’s Final Recommendation on capacity management;

• Direct staff to review Policy D 12.00 in light of the adoption of Policy C 56.00 and the recommendations from the recent Accelerated Progress Program audit


8/26/14, 1:43 PM

Blogger Melissa Westbrook said...
Well, you know,if you say something over and over, it becomes so. Or so is the thinking in the district.

Charlie is right; the next month's director community meetings should be to call to that director's attention all that isn't happening, isn't true and isn't done.

8/26/14, 2:36 PM


Anonymous said...

I was reading the article in the Seattle Times today about hazing at Garfield.

One of the quotes was: "As far as I know only AP kids, and people affiliated with AP kids, do hazing" So are the APP kids the primary problem here?

Anonymous said...

AP is not the same as APP. Hopefully the name change to HCC will help address the constant confusion created by the APP acronym.
APP is the elementary and middle school self contained cohort.
AP classes are high school courses open to any students who meet the prerequisite scores etc.
Of course many APP-qualified kids will be doing AP courses but they are not exclusively APP. There is no self contained APP at high school level.

Anonymous said...

Yeah a lot of APP kids do AP classes. Dunno, for some demographics, it's like copying the frat system redux. Trying to be cool and run the gauntlet to gain the cool brotherhood or sistahood thing. It's not a pervasive attitude. Some kids and adults need that kind of ritualistic submissive/ bondage bit to jell.

Anonymous said...

And frankly all these "froshing", "hazing", or "rushing" stuff is all about domination and submission. It's all a bit pervy. Not at all about building community trust or esprit de corps. To say otherwise is completely BS.