Friday, October 10, 2014

Drafts of new Advanced Learning policies

By request, a thread to discuss the drafts of Policy No. 2190 and Superintendent Procedure 2190SP for Advanced Learning.

Apparently, you have only three days, just this weekend, to submit comments, which must be sent "by the afternoon of October 13". To submit a comment, e-mail " and be sure to include POLICY – in all caps – in the subject line."

There is already a discussion on this over at Seattle Schools Community Forum so, to avoid too much duplication, maybe the discussion here could focus on examples of feedback you are sending in.


Steve said...

I suggest that every parent submitting comments list "Lack of authentic public engagement" as #1. Asking parents to submit comments with just three days notice is kind of insulting and ridiculous. Almost better not to ask...

Anonymous said...

Advanced Learning public comment deadline Oct. 22
The public is invited to comment on draft updates to Highly Capable Services and Advanced Learning Programs policies and procedures until Wednesday, Oct. 22. The drafts are Policy No. 2190 and Superintendent Procedure 2190SP.

The documents, which have not been significantly updated since 1993, reflect revised Washington Administrative Code requirements about serving students identified as Highly Capable. The state now requires that a continuum of services be provided K-12, and that every school offer a plan for serving Highly Capable students. The drafts also reflect the program and service name changes that were announced in August.

The draft policy and procedures are available through the link in the right hand column on The Oct. 22 public comment deadline will provide time for the Advanced Learning Office to edit the documents if necessary before they are introduced to the full school board at the Nov. 5 board meeting. A vote is expected at the December 3 meeting. Community members who would like to submit a comment should email it to and be sure to include POLICY – in all caps – in the subject line.

Anonymous said...

Shelter in place due to police being called to student at Lincoln ( nonAPP) - anyone know what happened? Weapon involved?

Anonymous said...

FYI, the AL Dept has posted updated drafts of the policies and procedures on their web page. They are dated 10/27. There's also an FAQ re: the feedback they received.


Anonymous said...

Given that the curriculum being developed is only a "guideline" and there is no money set aside for texts, you have to wonder what difference it all makes.