Saturday, May 9, 2015

Looking for a new moderator

When the district first said it wanted to split APP, way back at Lowell Elementary in 2009, Andrew Siegel started this blog. His goal was to provide a open forum for APP parents to discuss APP.

Later that year, Andrew added me as a moderator. I've mostly been running the blog since 2009. Now, we're looking for another moderator to add and mostly take over.

That moderator probably should be someone who does not already run a major forum (including the PTAs and APP AC), would continue to keep comments almost entirely unmoderated (aside from deleting spam), and at their core believes in the idea of making this a place for open discussion among parents to help parents.

The time commitment isn't much more than a couple hours a week, mostly reading all the comments that come in, occasionally deleting spam that gets through the filters and restoring comments that incorrectly get labeled as spam, and doing a posts on topics parents ask for, district policy changes, or open threads.

If you are that person and want to take this on, please comment here or e-mail me at Please also free to discuss this blog, moderation of the blog, and other good forums for discussion here in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your involvement and commitment to this topic and blog. I do think it's an important support for those of us who are in the HCC/APP community. But eventually we all age out and respectfully, someone needs to take it on. I'm considering it but for now I am still...


Anonymous said...


What I have really enjoyed is that you have allowed discourse to proceed. I am certain that this blog is useful as the SPS blog always runs into a "should/shouldn't track" debate. Here we can help new families and support those who are considering the program and involved with test /admission issues. With several entries going dozens of post there is still is a need. There is a lot wrong with the AL program but it still works. And this blog makes it easier for folks to discuss the issues at hand. Thank you for years of support.


3inSPS said...

I am not qualified. "Too much APP/HC" but this must go on. Let me know if needs to close this blog overlap with lack of candidates.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering Greg,

How would folks feel about a moderator who has an HC student or two, but does not have them placed in the cohort?

Thanks for the time you've put in over the years, the blog has been informative and helpful.

Anonymous said...

I would wonder how you could understand the program and its delivery but as I can't do it anything to keep the dialogue going would be great. I would also wonder if your choice was because of tracking/non-tracking issues which is primarily settled here and debated in every other blog.