Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lincoln Seismic Upgrades

As I mentioned I've dug up some of the data on seismic mitigation in the Lincoln building for those who are curious/worried.

  1. Again to establish the context BEX IV has seismic work scheduled for 37 building in the district. So your neighborhood reference school may also be slated for improvements.
  2. Back in 1997 the central and north wing were upgraded already this includes bracing, anchors, reinforced sheer walls etc. Note: the South wing which currently contains Licton Springs is unmodified. 
  3.  As part of the renovation of Lincoln back into a high school there are 3.7 million dollars worth of updates expected. This is spread out among all 4 buildings on the property. 
  4. Among the further improvements in the central and north section are more post and beam ties, additional load bearing columns to provide redundant support, masonry wall reinforcements, investigation of the veneer ties to see if they are adequate and other masonry repairs.
PCS 2009 Study Link coming soon when I hear back that its ok to repost - Note: the dollar amounts are not accurate.


ABB said...

Thank you. I would be interested in seeing the 2009 study.

On a related note - I looked for Emergency Planning / Preparedness information on Lincoln's website and was unable to find anything. Can this be right? I then called a general SPS number for "Safety and Security" - 206-252-0707. The man answering said it was his office's responsibility for earthquake and emergency preparedness with the schools. I asked where I could find plans related to Lincoln (expecting a website address), and was told that I needed to go in person to an office in Sodo - on 3rd Ave S and S. Lander. Seems crazy that this information is not readily available. He did say they were updating websites, but it seems odd that there's not even a 'place holder' site or plans from previous years. .. Maybe I missed it?

And/or does anyone know someone at the school who could share this information -- plans related to Lincoln's emergency (and specifically earthquake) preparedness? Main number at Lincoln says they are closed for the summer, until Sept. 1.

Help appreciated. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

ABB, you might try emailing Rina at legeoghagan@seattleschools.org.
She is usually very responsive and she would most certainly be able to answer your questions.

Anonymous said...

This is the link to the work Bejamin mentions (37 schools receiving retrofitting)