Tuesday, May 10, 2016

End of the Year Achievements

This is an experiment inspired by Maureen:

"Note that an Ingraham student placed first in the U.S. in the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad. Second place was also from Seattle (Lakeside). 

Results from the Invitational Round of the Invitational Round of the 2016 NACLO: The top four US students include Laurestine Bradford (Invitational Round winner) of Seattle, Washington, James Wedgwood of Seattle, Washington, Erik Metz of Ellicott City, Maryland, and
Shuheng "Nelson" Niu of Cupertino, California. The next four US students are Margarita
Misirpashayeva of West Windsor, New Jersey, Wyatt Reeves of Fort Worth, Texas, Jack
LaFleur of Washington, DC, and Nilai Sarda of Atlanta, Georgia. 

Congratulations Lola!"
What accomplishments are you excited about from this year?  I'm sure all the kids have done interesting things (this doesn't have to be an official award) that parents in other buildings don't know about.


Anonymous said...

I was excited about the Ingraham High School performances of "Nice work if you can get it". Awesome talent was on display there.


Anonymous said...

Hamilton's Sr. Jazz came in first place at the Reno Jazz festival in April. It was their first time competing at this festival.

Hamilton's Sr. Jazz also came in 1st in their division last weekend at the Bellevue High School Jazz Festival. They also won the highest award of the festival, the
Sweepstakes Award. They competed against numerous incredible middle and high school jazz programs to win this award, so this is great accomplishment for Hamilton's Sr. Jazz.

Garfield's Band 2 came in first place in their division and Band 3 came in 2nd in their division at the Bellevue High Jazz Festival. Great job by both bands.

Although Garfield and Roosevelt didn't place at the Essentially Ellington Jazz Festival last weekend in NYC, they had several students who won soloist awards. GHS and RHS represented Seattle Schools well!

NW mom

Anonymous said...

The Ingraham Brass Ensemble took 1st place in state.


hschinske said...

Not an in-school accomplishment, but the students in the Northwest Choirs (Northwest Boychoir and Vocalpoint Seattle), most of whom attend Seattle public schools, do really amazing work. Vocalpoint has a swing show coming up next week and the week after (eight performances), which I'm very much looking forward to. This is my son's eleventh and final year in choir (he is a senior at Ingraham), so a bittersweet time for me.

Helen Schinske

apparent said...

For the second year in a row, the Cascadia Elementary chess team won 1st place nationally in the K-3 Blitz (i.e. speed chess) section of the K-6 U.S. National Elementary Chess Championships, which were held last weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. Several of the players also won individual trophies. Two weeks earlier, the Cascadia team also won team and individual trophies in the All Girls National Elementary Chess Championships held in Chicago. In recent years the Cascadia team has also won several first place state championship team and individual trophies. Congratulations to these great kids, and to all the wonderful players from the other schools they play against!

Anonymous said...

Garfield's Ocean Sciences team won the 2016 regional Orca Bowl competition held recently at UW. They advanced to the national competition for the first time in the school's history. 350 teams compete nationally, and they were one of 24 to advance to the National competition in North Carolina. Great teamwork!

-GHS Mom

Anonymous said...

Cascadia Elementary 5th graders swept (1st-3rd place) the EMP Museum science fiction short story contest for elementary school. They will read excerpts of these stories this weekend in the Sky Church at EMP: http://www.empmuseum.org/programs-plus-education/programs/write-out-of-this-world.aspx

--- NW mom

Anonymous said...

A JAMS 6th grader(not sure I should post her name), won the national all girls u-12 championship in chess in Chicago (KCF). JAMS just brought home their first national chess trophy from nationals in Nashville this weekend.

Proud Jaguar

SusanH said...

My son's science fair team (8th graders, WMS) won Washington State in the ECybermission competition. All four of them got $1,000!

Maureen said...

Great article in the Seattle Times about Rocketry in the Puget Sound area and the success of the Ingraham Rocket Team specifically.