Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Garfield PTSA notes on Honor For All

There was a discussion on "Honors for All" at the recent PTSA meeting: http://www.garfieldptsa.org/ptsa/ptsa-general-meeting-notes-11-15/

"Honors for All Update - Mr. Simoneaux, npsimoneaux@seattleschools.org (History) and Mr. Zimmerman, tjzimmermann@seattleschools.org (Language Arts)

  • No plan to extend Honors for All to 10th grade
  • Same rigor and challenge as previous 9th grade honors classes 
  • Goal is to create same opportunities for all students. Very little movement into Honors or AP classes from Gen Ed students in the past
  • Teacher collaboration: same units, grade norming, support. All classes now uniform, no differences from teacher to teacher. Teachers meet Thursdays at lunch, all meet after school Fridays to collaborate 
  • History lessons all linked to AP World History standards 
  • English Language Arts writing rubric is now aligned: quarterly essays, 6 traits of writing, annotating texts 
  • First time core academic classes reflect the complete student population 
  • Don’t see much difference between HCC and Gen. Ed. students’ performance in class 
  • Complex instruction make students interdependent, working in small groups, discussions, taking on different roles  
  • Language Arts is a skill-based course, History is content-based. So pedagogical goals are different
  •  Interpersonal skills are developed, the ability to listen to others 
  • Students may feel less academic anxiety and pressure over these classes"

Check out the links for the full transcript. Again I'd be very interested if any parent's have some direct experience to add.

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