Thursday, February 9, 2017

Ingraham Open House Documents

For those still researching high school options I have some of the documents from the Ingraham H.S. presentation.

The two general pathways for HCC students next year (IBX vs IB):  Ingraham Pathways

More detailed prospective course of study:  4 year plan


Anonymous said...

The math pathway for the typical IB timeline seems problematic. Whereas they list AP Calculus as a potential 9th grade math class if you're doing the IBX version, it's not listed if you're doing the 4-yr option. What are you supposed to take in 9th and 10th grades if you're ready for AP Calc in 9th? If you do AP Calc AB and then AP Calc BC or AP Stats in 10th, you're in for a LOT of repetition in 11th and 12th grades. A student that advanced in math would normally need to take Running Start in 12th grade (if not sooner), but with the 4-year IB schedule that isn't really possible.

I guess the thinking is that if you're accelerated beyond the typical middle school maximum (Algebra 1 in 6th, Alg 2 in 8th) then you're just out of luck in high school? As I read it, even not-so-uncommon students on the Alg1-in-6th path are a little screwed by the regular IB timeline, as they end up with a lot more repetition than everyone else (i.e., since it seems that Alg 2, Pre-Calc, and AP Calc all feed into the same 11th grade IB math class, it's clearly designed for students with much less math experience).

I know there are a lot of people with feelings one way or the other re: AP vs. IB math. Some say that even though IB Math HL might not earn you as many college credits, it's more challenging or covers more. Others say it may cover more, but not in the depth necessary for STEM fields. It's probably somewhat teacher and school dependent, so hard to say. But one thing that ISN'T hard to say is that if you do opt for the traditional 11th-12th IB program, your options for significantly advanced math are diminished. If you're taking AP classes and you run out, you can move on to college classes like multivariable calculus via Running Start. With IB, you're stuck.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the handouts. I wonder why there is no senior year scenario for the IBX pathway. It makes it look like a 3 year plan, instead of a 4 year plan with the IB diploma in the middle.

Anonymous said...

At the presentation it was mentioned that IBX students who stay on typically will do running start and/or take the other AP classes that Ingraham offers that do not overlap with what they have already taken in the IB curriculum. Some also choose to leave early (WA state law recognizes the IB degree as sufficient for high school graduation, so you don't have to fulfill all the credit requirements and can graduate in 3 years if you have gone through the full IB curriculum -- apparently even if you do not earn the diploma due to low scores on one or more exams)

Both Principal Floe and the IB coordinator were pretty critical of the IBX option (saying it is challenging for younger students primarily due to executive functioning issues,and that they do have a fair number of students decide to discontinue in the sophomore year and restart as juniors-- this isn't a huge problem because of the special rules about IB versus required credits for graduation mentioned above), and admitted that no one in the district is holding them or students/families to doing IBX once the student has been admitted to Ingraham. They also helpfully pointed out that the demographics of the north end high schools are such that they do not have enough currently enrolled SPS students to fill all their seats through the SAP alone -- the IB program is what is keeping their enrollment up, and they seem committed to it regardless of district funding. They pointed out that this is the first year they received district funding for the program -- in the past they have run it successfully without the extra money, and say they will continue to do so.

For those concerned about math level/continuity, they did also mention that they have the capacity to offer Further Maths, which is the top level of IB math that isn't regularly offered. You'd have to look at the syllabus to see how that is currently structured, but when I took the IB in the UK decades ago that was the class that all the wicked smart techy folks who later went on to top global math/science/engineering programs took. There was a parent who stayed after for questions who was asking about why places like MIT were not listed on the admissions lists. Again, my information is very dated but I think it may be because if you don't take Further Maths and IB Physics (which at least back in the '80s was again the course that most of the really tecnnically talented folks were taking) you just aren't going to be as competitive as students coming from IB schools globally and elsewhere in the US that offer a broader range of choices for math/science in the curriculum.

All that being said, I will add that my personal experience (again dated, but hopefully relevant) is that the IB curriculum DOES prepare a student particularly well for rigorous university coursework. I chose to come back to Seattle after the IB, and found the UW honors program to be an excellent fit and MUCH less demanding than my IB school had been.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lake City mom for the information. I have a current 7th grader. Ingraham is offering a choice for next Fall 2017 incoming students IBX versus IB. However, the IB coordinator mentioned staff is nearly all in agreement with principal Floe's recommendation for students to do IB in a 4 year program. I asked about IBX being available after next year for those 9th entering Ingraham in 2018. I was told the commitment right now is IBX as an option for only next year. Right now approx 20% of HCC (80% IBX) are doing regular IB. However, they expect more incoming HCC 8th in 2017 will choose regular IB.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the art classes (including IB Visual Arts) are like at Ingraham? Are they offered each year etc? Also, how does a student also do orchestra with IB? Is it an after school class? IBX may no longer be an option I hear when my HCC student (currently 7th) enters Ingraham so would do regular IB. My student would be ready for Algebra II in 9th and likely 2 or 3 rd year Spanish having taken 3 full years in middle.
-Looking ahead

Anonymous said...

Consider IBX a 3 year plan. Course options for next year's seniors have been scaled back, with not even a history class option. A counselor told students they only need 3 years of history.

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate course options for senior year were "scaled back". Did they give a reason? What are counselors suggesting for these kids? I have heard senior year has been an issue all along though guessing many taking running start senior year? Seems like parents and students weighing IBX versus IB for next year should all be made fully aware if this is a change.