Tuesday, April 18, 2017

School Assignments for 2017-2018

The acceptance letters have now been sent out for next year. If you haven't heard the online assignment tool  http://www.seattleschools.org/admissions/registration/assignment_lookup_tool/ has been updated with the open enrollment data as well.

Waitlist: http://www.seattleschools.org/UserFiles/Servers/Server_543/File/District/Departments/Admissions/School%20Choice/2017-18%20Waitlist%20Report/201718WaitlistSummary_0417.pdf

This year the standout numbers are large wait lists at
  • Ingraham (41)
  • HIMS (42 across grades)
No optional placements appear to have been processed yet at Decatur/Cascadia. When done there should geenrally be a wait-list at most at only one school for the same grade.  I'm waiting for confirmation but it appears this won't occur until 5/31.


Anonymous said...

Wow, across the grades, Hazel Wolf K-8's waitlist is 326 for Gen Ed (only around 25 for AL).

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if the Ingraham number is total students waitlisted or just AL students?
Anyone know how they move the waitlist at Ingraham? Are there separate GenEd and AL lists or just one? If 2 lists, how do they apportion the spots? Examples: One spot for GenEd then one for AL? Two for GenEd, one for AL? Etc.????

Will give us a sense of the likelihood of AL waitlisters making it in. I can't make heads or tails of what's next.

AL mom

Anonymous said...

41 HCC
27 Gen Ed

(click on linked waitlist for school by school, grade by grade info)

Anonymous said...

Did current Cascadia kids who wanted to switch their assignments between Cascadia and Decatur all get the site they wanted?

just checking

juicygoofy said...

My HCC rising 8th grader was on Hamilton's Gen Ed waitlist, not HCC, and I know of others in the same situation at Ingraham. Check your assignment and/or waitlists carefully!

Anonymous said...

What really upsets me is this is the third time a communication deadline has not been met. I was told, when I turned in our registration paperwork back in Jan/Feb that assignments would be posted via The Source by April 14th.

I checked yesterday and there was no information on The Source. The Advanced Learning link was no longer available and my child's Cogat scores were no longer visible. I'll have to see if it's been fixed. This drives me crazy. No email. No links sent. Nada. Who knows if and when our letter will arrive. This blog is how I was able to get the Assignment link.

I get that they're understaffed, but if this was a business they'd simply re-evaluate the communication deadlines and either change them so that they're achievable or find out what's going wrong. Third time.

So, thank you folks. And thanks for letting me vent.


Anonymous said...

S, have you since checked the Assignment Lookup Tool (not the Source) and sent an inquiry email to Admissions if incorrect, as mentioned in the April Open thread? If they don't get back to you by the end of the week, I'd place a call.

Admissions phone: 206-252-0760

Sara said...

Hi, this is S. Thank you. I had found our assignment through the Assignment Tool, but it was your site that led me there vs any communication from SPSD. I had been relying on the info I was given when I handed in the paperwork (check The Source on the 14th). And the district did get back to me via email with both our assignment and an apology, saying I must have looked up our info while they were experiencing technical issues. Yup.

I was just frustrated that it was my third time in the last year that I have been told in person or received an email saying information would be available through The Source on a certain date only to find out it wasn't so.

Benjamin Leis said...

@Sara - Thanks for the update, I'm glad I could help.

Anonymous said...

Updated waitlist info posted (4/24)...not sure what's changed since last week. Ingraham HCC numbers went up by 2.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to put this here: Is anyone else concerned about the shift to 8am start time for Cascadia next year? That would mean my non-early riser would need to be at the bus stop by 7:10 or so. I don't see that happening.


Anonymous said...

The thing about start times is that it's impossible to make everyone happy. I'm personally thrilled with the 8 a.m. start for Cascadia because I've been paying for morning childcare for four years with the late starts. Not everyone has the flexibility to start work after 9:30 a.m. + a commute. The change will be an adjustment for everyone--positive for some, negative for others.
--Thrilled About 2 Tiers

Anonymous said...

The district should of course weigh the academic and mental health effects on children more heavily than costs savings for parents or commuting convenience when making any decisions.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that it shouldn't come down to savings or convenience for parents, but it's my understanding that a later start time yields better academic and mental health effects for middle and high schoolers--more so than for younger kids, who tend to have earlier bedtimes and are more likely to get adequate sleep.

Anonymous said...

HCC Waitlist numbers as 5/1 (across grades):

Cascadia - 8
Decatur - 14
Fairmount Park - 2
TM (Gr3) - 1
HIMS - 45
JAMS - 5
RESMS (Gr8) - 2
WMS (Gr8) - 1
Garfield (Gr 12) - 1
IHS (Gr9) - 44