Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July '17 Open Thread

Summer time and the living is easy ...

SENG webinar

"Social and Emotional Development of Twice-Exceptional Students: What does the Research Say?"

July 6th, 2017 4:30pm - 6:00pm (PDT)Cost: $40.00

Presenter: Megan Foley-Nicpon

High ability students with disabilities may have unique social and emotional profiles in comparison to their peers. In this webinar, Foley-Nicpon will review the research regarding common social and emotional difficulties twice-exceptional students may face. She will also discuss the psychosocial components of talent development and how these domains may manifest differently among high ability students with disabilities. Research-based strategies and interventions also will be discussed.

Foley-Nicpon is the highly respected Associate Director of the Belin-Blank Center.

Suggestion Box

I'll generally post for-profit events like above  if they seem topical.  There are limits to how much I can vet however. What do folks think?   On broader lines, is there anything else you'd like to see in the upcoming year? 

What's on your minds?


Danielle Mercer Clark said...

It looks like the Board is forcing staff to move waitlists and I wonder what that means for families in the far NNE who were waitlisted and are hoping their kids can join their pathway students/friends at Decatur.

Anonymous said...

Which waitlists? Wonder what this means for the kids on Ingraham waitlist. Are they just moving elementary schools and Whitman?

Danielle Mercer Clark said...

More dialogue now on the Soup for Teachers FB site that indicates the Board supports "some" movement of waitlists. Budget constraints are making things especially difficult this year, on top of staff not being completely clear about how they interpret and plan to "use" SAP policy.


Here is the latest from Director Harris:

Option 3, siblings only, plus Whitman, (specific promises made to the Board and Community 01-11-17 mtg, fulfilled) plus 1:1 swaps for High Schools (Director Burke Amendment to move waitlists - net $ neutral) . Option 2 following policy had a $4.2M price tag attributed to it. We don't have $4.2M. This is the best we could do with the info. provided to us. The Student Assignment Transition Plan (SATP) must be rewritten so it is clear and fair. Pls. know these are horrific choices in light of capacity and budget crunches. Also Ethic Studies and Assessment Resolutions/Policies passed tonight - result of months of collaborative work.

Thank you, Leslie

Benjamin Leis said...

I added a blurb for a SENG webinar to the topline. Also this seems as good a time as any to ask for suggestions.

Anonymous said...

As to vetting of posted events, I personally don't expect that from you. It's the responsibility of the reader. You can add a disclaimer to each event posting if you're concerned.


Pm said...

The one issue that I have with advertising the SENG events is that they are usually expensive. I hated seeing them listed in the Cascadia newsletter because they are out of the budget for many families. This event seems more reasonably priced than most other from SENG.

Ghost Mom said...

FYI, there's a conversation about HCC going on at Melissa Westbrook's blog.

Also, in terms of suggestions for topics that would be of interest here:
At this time of year as we move out of one school and into the next, aging up and moving ahead, one thing that would be helpful to my family and probably others would be some advice-in-hindsight to parents of HC kids younger than your own.