Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Reminder Advanced Learning Identification Season is Almost Over

This is the last week to apply to be tested and be identified as an advanced learner this school year. (9/22)

Official Link: http://seattleschools.org/cms/one.aspx?pageId=14554

In order for your child to be tested and considered for eligibility for Seattle Public School's Advanced Learning Programs and Services you must first submit a referral form.
Referral and Test Scheduling must be completed online via the Source.  

To begin, simply login to your Parent or Guardian account on the Source, and click on the “Advanced Learning” button to start the referral process. If you do not have a Source account, please click here for registration instructions. Please contact sourcesupport@seattleschools.org if you need assistance.
Advanced Learning also has available Translated Referral Forms* in the following languages: AmharicArabicChineseOromoSomaliSpanishTagalogTigrignaVietnamese. If you are in need of one of these translated forms they are available at your child's school site (please ask the office staff) or in the John Stanford Center lobby.

*Please note: Translated forms have been checked for ADA accessibility compliance. If you  need assistance reading these forms contact Stephen Martin at sbmartin@seattleschools.org

There seem to be several improvements in the process including the testing dates are now self scheduled.

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