Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Lincoln High School Planning Team

There was a meeting on the design of Lincoln H.S. and announcements of several of the design team members. I don't see anyone representing Mathematics so I assume there will be some more folks named in the future.

  • John Fox  (ELA)
  • Jen Fox (Science)
  • Daniel Noyes (SS)
  • Michaela Peterson (Science)
  • Stephanie Taylor (ELA)
  • Katie Hathaway (Spanish)

I wasn't able to attend the in person meeting so if anyone who was there wants to offer up their impressions that would most appreciated.


Anonymous said...

The don't need a math person on the design team. Students will "discover" math on their own, right? :)

z said...

I agree with anon@6:55 above. We have 2 ELA and 2 science, but zero math?

Also, is anyone else bothered by the fact that one (or more?) of the design team members for a new high school (Taylor) has explicitly made unfriendly comments about HCC families?

See this 2016 thread:

Search for 'facebook' and read the comments that follow. I didn't read the actual post on fb at the time, but it was quoted in the above link: the horrid Facebook post disparaging HCC children as “fragile” and their parents as “elitist unconscious racists”. A teacher showing that level of bias toward children and their parents should be immediately dismissed.

Many of us know that the Lincoln principal is not a fan of HC programs, and now she's making sure her design team also has HC detractors. Not a good start. People need to start pushing back quickly, before the entire school/program design is in place. I don't think it will be nearly as helpful pushing back at the building level, because we can already see their mindset. The pushback has to be downtown, with the new superintendent and with the board, who wield at least a little power.