Friday, September 14, 2018

K-8 Referral Period for identification ends 9/24

There is a little over a week left until 9/24.

AL pages on the process: SPS Link

Note: the K-8 referall window will open again in May if you miss this year.

There are different dates for H.S. and transfers so check on the page for less common cases.


NNE Mom said...

I read through the new info on the district's advanced learning web page and noticed these things:

1. It says: "The district identifies and provides instructional programs and services for students identified as Highly Capable who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with their peers."
***note that it says "who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels" and yet there is no way to show the potential for performing without actually already performing at those advanced academic levels. So, how do students who have the potential to perform at significantly advanced academic levels gain access to above grade level curriculum in SPS so that they can demonstrate that they perform at at significantly advanced academic levels?

2. "If a student goes through the Highly Capable referral process, but refuses to participate in most recent Smarter Balanced (SBA) testing, the student will not meet all of the criteria for Highly Capable services or the Spectrum (AL) program. Note that families in this case will have the option to appeal the decision."
So, no opting out of standardized tests if your student might be above 87th percentile on an achievement test and might need advanced learning services.

3. There is now a way to qualify as HC during 9-12th grade. Did that exist before?

4. The appeals levels appear to have been reset to the same as the regular qualification criteria and not higher, like last year.

5. I still get the impression that they are working hard to keep kids out of advanced learning, rather than to hunt for kids who would benefit and get them in. It's wrongheaded.

Anonymous said...

The appeals levels actually are unchanged, just better hidden now. :-(


Nicole said...

I just logged into The Source to learn that I should schedule a full COGAT for my kindergartener after taking the screen. I have not received any notification by email or other wise to inform me of this... this was purely done on my own recollection that I should check. This is not the way it was when my older child did this 3 years ago. What are they thinking?