Thursday, October 29, 2009

APP Advisory Committee requests comments on split

The APP Advisory Committee is meeting on Tuesday, Nov 3 to discuss the APP split, "what is working well, what needs addressing, [and] questions."

They have asked for "your thoughts about the split regarding elementary schools" including "good things, questions, concerns, matters to work on, etc."

For Lowell, e-mail your comments to Geeta Teredesai (

For Thurgood Marshall, e-mail your comments to Rachel Miller (

A copy of the APP Advisory Committee request for comments is below:
The next APP Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for

* Tuesday, November 3*
* Thurgood Marshall Elementary (2401 S. Irving St., Seattle, 98144)**
* 6:30pm* (note NEW time!)
Following last month's meeting on middle and high school issues, this meeting will focus on the APP program at the elementary school level at both Lowell and Thurgood Marshall (what is working well, what needs addressing, questions).

Your thoughts about the split regarding elementary schools are requested: good things, questions, concerns, matters to work on, etc. In order to include them in the meeting agenda, please email them to:
  • Lowell Elementary Parent Representative, *Geeta Teredesai*
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary Parent Representative, *Rachel Miller*
All emails will be kept confidential.

The meeting will also include a presentation on *Twice Exceptional* students (students who are gifted and also have a disability). If you have a child in APP who has a Special Ed IEP, a 504 plan, or struggles with a medical, physical, emotional, ADHD, or learning issues and might need more help, please attend. Support, information, and advocacy groups are being formed. If you are interested in Twice Exceptional issues, contact *Stephanie Bower*

Parents of APP elementary students will also have the opportunity to speak informally with each other and with APP AC members from 6:00-6:30pm.


Amanda Hosch said...

Hi Greg,

Thanks for taking over the blog.

A question for the committee/district:
Since one of the reasons for the split was to give greater access to APP, was that goal achieved? Did more students enroll in APP this year compared to previous years?
I guess the best way would be to see if the percentage of students who "passed" the test actually enrolled this year went up. It would be informative if it could be broken down by area.


ArchStanton said...

I attended that meeting last night. Unfortunately, it seemed that questions that were emailed did not get answered because a lot of time was spent (for valid reasons) discussing safety, behavior, and communication issues.

Perhaps the APP-AC could include those questions and responses in the minutes of the meeting hwen it is distributed...?

ArchStanton said...

Let me also add that I was simply dumbstruck by the admission that the T. Marshall community (teachers and students) was not prepared for the arrival of APP this Fall. (This was part of a discussion where it was acknowledged that there was culture shock on both sides.)

What the @#&!? I am still speechless. Last year everyone acknowledged the challenges. Design teams were formed to help pave the way. How anyone could sit there with a straight face and suggest that nobody could have anticipated this and taken steps to mitigate before school started is unfathomable.

Ben said...

When I left the meeting I felt the sweet and sour vindication that comes from knowing that all my fears about the split were well-founded.

dj said...

I am at this point pretty much couchbound (third trimester of a twin pregnancy) -- would one of you be so kind as to summarize what was said at the meeting? (For the same reason, I'm not exactly skulking the hallways of Thurgood Marshall right now. Although if I do so skulk, you won't be able to miss me).