Monday, October 19, 2009

The Future of this Blog

Last Spring, after the initial burst of energy related to the splitting of the APP elementary schools, I was drawn away from the blog by a series of other obligations and life changes. I had assumed that the blog would die a natural death as the issues on which I had posted slipped into history.

Well, I should have never underestimated the energy of this community. Throughout the summer and into the fall, I received a number of emails from folks who were still hanging around here, asking for more content. Several of those email offered to take over the blog, but in the end, no one followed through.

I think there is a desire for an APP Elementary School Discussion space and am happy to hand this blog over to someone with the time and the desire to maintain it. I am also happy to shut the blog down and allow someone else to create a new and different online discussion space for APP Elementary issues. If you would be interested in taking over this blog, joining this blog, or starting a new APP discussion blog, please email me at If I don't here from anyone interested in assuming one of those roles in the next month or so, I will take this blog down sometime around Thanksgiving to avoid giving occasional visitors the misimpression that I am actively managing it. For those of you still listening, thanks for checking in.

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