Friday, December 18, 2015

Ingraham IBX Program News

IBX update from Ingraham High School

The Ingraham community has been discussing program changes centered on what we can do to meet a wider range of HCC students. We are happy to report that beginning with the next incoming 9th grade class Ingraham is expanding the program to include the following: 
- The IBX program will still be at Ingraham in its current form as an opt-in program.
- We are adding a 4 year option for those that would be better served by a 4 year option.
- Students will be able to decide in their 9th grade year the option that is best for them.
This is a continuation of Ingraham’s mission to provide flexible options for students. If you have any questions, please email me at

Martin Floe
Ingraham High School


Mother of MS and HS students said...

This is a great adjustment. IB is a truly awesome rigorous curriculum. I've had one kid in IBX and one in regular IB track. Not all bright kids have the time management maturity to handle the IB load starting in 10th grade. In fact, based on our experience, I would assume MOST students should assume to start the full diploma program in 11th grade. Maybe they can try one IB class in 10th grade.

Anonymous said...

- The IBX program will still be at Ingraham in its current form as an opt-in program.
- We are adding a 4 year option for those that would be better served by a 4 year option.

Is the IBX program considered a 4 year option as well? Or is it considered a 3 year option? If a smaller cohort opts into IBX, as opposed to the more traditional IB pathway, what happens in their senior year? What senior level classes are offered for current IBX students?

Anonymous said...

My child is an IBX 9th grader. We are very on the fence about whether he should start IB next year or wait until he is a junior. One rumor I've heard is that Ingraham will offer AP Physics next year. If that is the case, he would take that as a sophomore and start IB in 11th grade. Anyone know more about that rumor?

Also is it possible to take an IB course as a 10th grader to get a sense of it? Everything I've heard, is that it is a 2 year program and must be completed in the two year time frame. Being able to take a class or two as a 10th grader and have it count, would also be great. Any info would be welcome! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

The IB diploma program is two years and requires taking 3 HL exams and 3 SL exams. English and history classes are taken at the HL level (2 years) and foreign language is typically taken at the SL level (1 year). That leaves 1 HL class and 2 SL classes for the student to choose. If a student takes Math HL, then science is taken at the SL level (usually Biology SL). If a student takes Math SL, then science is taken at an HL level (only Biology HL offered). An AP Physics class would allow students to take Physics without having to take it as an IB class. It would be great for current 9th graders wanting to start IB as juniors and planning on taking Biology HL.

It's my understanding your child can take an IB class as a sophomore, even if they are starting the IB diploma program as a junior, but the class would not count toward the diploma. Knowing that, you would need to have junior and senior IB classes planned out to make sure they can still fulfill the diploma requirements (you need to plan math and science for the next 3 years).

Eric B said...

I think it is important to reiterate that the IB program MUST be finished in 2 years; it cannot be stretched out to three. So if a student student starts it in their 10th grade year (IBX) they MUST finish it in their 11th grade year. No "testing the waters."