Saturday, October 21, 2017

Two Updates from the HC Advisory Committee


The 2017-18 meeting schedule for the Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee is listed below. All meetings are on Tuesdays and run from 6:30 until 8 p.m.

Meeting Schedule
November 7, JSCEE, Auditorium
December 5, JSCEE, Room TBD
January 9, Garfield High School Library 
February 6, JSCEE, Room TBD
March 6, Robert Eagle Staff Middle School, Library
April 3, JSCEERoom TBD
May 1, JSCEE, Room TBD
June 5, Madison Middle School, Library
Also, they are posted on the District site here:  

Nominations for Positions Still being Accepted

The Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee is gearing up for the year and we have a number of open positions to be filled. The committee includes parent representatives from each school that houses the Highly Capable Cohort. Reps attend monthly meetings during the course of the school year and meeting this year are held the first Tuesday of the month, beginning in November.

Nominations are now being accepted for the following parent representative positions:

Cascadia Elementary
Decatur Elementary
Fairmount Park Elementary
Eagle Staff Middle School
Hamilton International Middle School
Madison Middle School
Garfield High School
Ingraham High School

Please use the Link to the Form to apply and send to the HCS AC Chair, Jeanne Thompson at Priority will be given to applications received by Friday, October 20.

The first Advisory Committee meeting will be Tuesday, November 7 at JSCEE Auditorium. Additional details about the meeting times and places will be coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Still no peep from the HCS AC re: the high school boundary options that seem to eliminate the HCC pathway to Garfield? Is there any evidence that HC students, regardless of neighborhood assignment school, will have equitable access to accelerated learning and enhanced instruction?

Anonymous said...

Got this answer from my email to advanced learning office today...

"The Advanced Learning Office is not aware of a plan to move HCC pathway out of Garfield High School."

Wedgwood Parent

Anonymous said...

Are they just not paying attention, or are they assuming that since the district hasn't officially announced that they plan to do this then there must not be a plan in place?

I would advice HCS AC members to look closely at the proposed high school boundary maps for 2019/20 and beyond. In all three cases, they assume that HCC students are "returned" to their neighborhood schools. How can we tell this? For one, those "receiving HCC services" (distinct from HCC eligible) are included in the counts for any of the areas being changed from one school to another. But second, take a close look at Garfield's numbers. With about 1850 students now, how do they arrive at a projection of only 1563 for 2019/20 (in the favored option H2) when they are not shrinking the Garfield boundary? Who is that mysterious non-geogrpahic group of several hundred students who will suddenly be gone?

The high school boundary maps being reviewed now ASSUME the return of HCC students to neighborhood school. Once those are approved, then the'll share this as a new plan as part of the 2019/20 SAP, when it's too late to fight it because the boundary decisions will have already been made.

M Beaufait - A Slayton said...

Can you confirm HCSAC meeting Nov 7 at JSCEE - it is not on District Calendar....

Anonymous said...

Meeting dates are posted on the Advanced Learning Department website. See "News" link. The Nov 7 meeting is listed - 6:30 @JSCEE Auditorium.

Anonymous said...

@Wedgewood Parent ""The Advanced Learning Office is not aware of a plan to move HCC pathway out of Garfield High School."

This might be because the plan includes Garfield as one of the 5 HC pathway schools. But what is happening is that they are actually breaking up a program. Garfield has an established advanced learning program with 4 year curriculum that is spelled out for HC in their catalog.

Students will be on their own at these schools in much smaller numbers and will need to try to piece together the next course in their sequence. If AP History class conflicts with AP Bio they will have to choose. There may not be enough planning or sections in any school (including Ballard & Roosevelt) to ensure course alignment for all four years for all courses.