Saturday, January 27, 2018

Notes from the Ballard Meeting on new Science Standards

I received some updates from the folks (mostly at Ballard) organizing around the proposed High School Science realignment,


District Page:

"The current and new course sequence are: 
Current Requirements
  • 9th Grade: Physical Science
  • 10th Grade: Biology and Biology B
  • 11th Grade: none
New Science Requirements for Class of 2021 and Beyond
  • 9th Grade: Physics A and Chemistry A
  • 10th Grade: Biology A and Biology B
  • 11th Grade: Physics B, Chemistry B
  • 11th Grade: Advanced Path: HC, AP or IB science
  • 11th Grade: Alternative Path: Science Elective or Career and Technical Education
Because high school students will now have to take three years of science instead of two, the High School Alignment Team has already begun re-arranging standards taught in 9th and 10th grade to help prepare students to successfully take the third year of science and pass the state science exam.

The Alignment Team bundled the standards into six one-semester courses. Each course includes content in either biology, chemistry or physics (Biology A, Biology B, Chemistry A, Chemistry B, Physics A and Physics B). Embedded in each course are the new earth and space science standards as well as engineering, technology and application skills that are a part of the new state standards.

Physics A and Chemistry A are conceptual in content, and the math covered in each would be what students had taken to that point in ninth grade. According to school board policy 2026 and superintendent procedure 2026SP, the A and B courses are not new, but rather a re-alignment of current chemistry, physics and biology course content to align to the new standards, and therefore do not go through a review process."

Link to notes from the recent meeting at Ballard:

Facebook group organizing around the issue

Google drive with info:

Currently contains:
  • Letter from a Ballard Science Teacher
  • Response from the district Alignment team.

Here is a signup form (mainly to get emails to add to the Google Group):

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