Monday, October 8, 2018

HCS AC Email

In addition to the news the committee has been suspended. The following letter on WMS was sent out last  night:

Director DeWolf and Director Burke:

I attended the Board Meeting this evening with the many other concerned Washington MS parents that stood behind Christine Shigaki while she gave her public testimony.  I want to thank you both for specifically acknowledging the concerns at Washington.  Because of the limited time available at the meeting, I wanted to put my thoughts in this email to the both of you.  I know you each have thousands of emails to process, but I was gratified to know that you actually read each of them.  

I am a lifelong Seattle resident and proud product of the public school system in Seattle (Graham Hill ES, Sharples nka Aki Kurose MS, Franklin HS, UW BSEE, UW JD).  I have three children in the school system now, each in the HCC program.  One is at Thurgood Marshall ES (Principal May), one is at Garfield HS (Principal Howard), and one is at Washington MS (Principal Butler-Ginolfi).  Our family is about as invested in the past, current, and future success of the public schools as any family in Seattle.

I have never commented on any school in the district before.  But I feel compelled to do so for the first time after seeing the destruction of a good southend school like Washington.  In short, this is the current situation: 

  • As you know, WMS houses the southend’s HCC middle school program, with over half of the students in HCC.  This year saw the arrival of a new principal.  During the first week, and without any prior warning, the principal proposed online math classes, cut out foreign languages, produced a schedule with enormous class sizes for HCC core classes.  After attending curriculum night, it was clear to me that many teachers were dismayed with the changes and that parents were in open revolt.  Science classes had 15 textbooks to be shared amongst 37 students.  The only explanation from leadership was that “equity” demanded taking away resources from HCC students.  

  • That argument is a red herring.  The parents expect (and in fact demand) that our schools can adequately handle more than a single academic program.  Plenty of other schools in the district can do so.  Thurgood Marshall and  Garfield can do it, why not WMS?  It’s a fallacy that it's a zero sum game - success of gen-ed and HCC programs are not mutually exclusive.  We are simply asking the principal at Washington to do what previous principals have done and other schools have done.  It is not asking her too much to "walk and chew gum at the same time".  Yes, it’s a hard job – no one disputes that.  But if leadership isn’t up to it, it’s time for a change.  Or alternatively, if the principal is unable to support what she perceives HCC represents, perhaps moving the program to another school with a more capable principal is appropriate?

  • The bad situation is exacerbated because of lack of communication.  I have sent 5+ emails to the Principal, to Sara Pritchett, to Mike Starosky, to Superintendent Juneau over the past month.  In each of the emails I offer to meet with them in person for as little as fifteen minutes.  Not a single email has been replied to.  If leadership is inundated with emails from parents on this issue, then that in and of itself is a sign that something is seriously wrong.  If however my emails are the only ones leadership is getting, then that is even more inexcusable that I do not receive the courtesy of a reply.  I think what is lost is that the district works for the parents, not the other way around.  It is part of the job of every employee in the district to be responsive.  Fundamentally to me, it is a lack of courage on the part of leadership to face a parent who has concerns about the education of their child. 

  • Parents deserve clarity on whether or not the district will support the southend HCC program.  As was mentioned tonight, the threat/opportunity of charter schools in Seattle opens up the possibility of competition for students.  Someone at the meeting openly mused about why students are leaving the district.  Lack of clarity and support for programs is certainly a contributing factor.  I think you will find that parents would even accept if the Board decided to no longer have an HCC program – we understand hard choices must be made.  What is not acceptable however is obfuscation and lack of transparency.  Parents need to have clear information so that we can make educational choices.  Having lived through the 70’s an 80’s in the public schools, I know what a death spiral for the public schools looks like.  And it begins with frustration on the part of parents, because once students start to leave the district, it is exceedingly hard to change the momentum.  

  • The Board has talked about equity and justice in the HCC program.  I absolutely agree with recruiting of more students from underrepresented populations.  But why recruit them if we won't support them in the southend where the majority of underrepresented students would be? 

  • Equity also means fairness between the northend HCC pathway and the southend HCC pathway.  Why is it that Hamilton, Adams, and Eagle Staff have increased curriculum options/activities?  Does the southend get a watered down HCC curriculum?  Is this the Districts policy?  If so, please let us know so that we can adjust our educational choices

I hope that my comments have been helpful.  Please take them in the spirit they are given.

With warmest regards,


Chun M. Ng


Megan Hazen said...

This letter is amazing. If Chun Ng reads this blog, Thank you, for writing this! Also, I'd like to get in touch, if there is a way to do that. Parents in the north end support you, and I'd like to figure out how to act.

Anonymous said...

Is the HCS AC in the habit of posting letters from individuals? Did this individual WANT this letter sent to everyone? At the very least, the HCS AC should include an introductory statement clarifying WHY they decided to share this, and acknowledging that the author consented to its distribution. Otherwise, it looks like something sent in error...which would discourage others from sharing with the HCS AC, at a time when we need more and more input and engagement.

all types

Anonymous said...

The explanation was in the subject line not included saying roughly a letter from a concerned WMS parent about dramatic changes at WMS. Chun approved the release.

Anonymous said...

From Save Seattle Schools blog, a call for HC community to show up at Roosevelt HS on Monday Oct. 15th as Juneau has omitted HC from her districtwide "listening tour":

"Her [Juneau's] latest journal says she's coming to the end of her Listening Tour. You can read the lengthy list of groups she has met with, both by district program designation and ethnic/racial background, and note one thing; not one with parents of students in Advanced Learning.

As I tweeted to her, if that remains the case, it will speak volumes about what the JSCEE administration thinks of the program and the children in it. There is one more Town Hall meeting and I would tell AL parents that they might considering going to that and taking it over a la the Nova students at the North Seattle CC meeting."

Mon., Oct. 15, 7 - 8:30 p.m.
NE Regional Town Hall
Co-hosted with Roosevelt PTA
Location: Roosevelt High School
1410 NE 66th St., Seattle, WA 98115

Anonymous said...

committee is not suspend. please edit header to this thread. the committee is independent. michael tolley has his staff to control he has never had the ac.

here from the new president. and thank god.

Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee 2018-19 - Welcome, Reconstruction and Call to Action!

Are you interested in staying informed and perhaps advocating for advanced learning opportunities that are relevant and equitable to all our learners in Seattle Public Schools (SPS)? Various issues—from capacity planning to appropriate curriculum delivery—face our students and call for attention and action.

My name is Lisa Ginther Huh, and I took the reins as president of the Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee (HCS AC) from Jeanne Thompson this summer. You may recall that Jeanne led the Advisory Committee for many years; as context, this group of parents and staff historically has advised the district on the implementation of services and programs to support Advanced Learning students and families, alongside any concurrent and time-bound task forces that the district spun up over the years. SPS recently put their involvement with the Advisory Committee on pause, citing the re-envisioning work of the new Advanced Learning Task Force (ALTF) and the need to await their recommendations (after 12-18 months and any subsequent Superintendent and Board decisions).

Many committee members expressed interest in continuing to stay informed and advocate for Advanced Learning as parents and staff representing their school communities on a non-linked voluntary basis. I invite you also to join in the discussion—particularly as we seek diversity of voices across our broad community.

Strength in numbers can increase the impact of engaging both locally and collectively with principals, school board representatives, the superintendent, etc. Watch for a short upcoming survey soon, and please share your perspective as we gather together!

Lisa Ginther Huh
SPS HCS AC President

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Lisa Ginther Huh! Your email gave me hope that the HCS AC may take a more advocacy-oriented approach--which is so desperately needed. The HCS AC definitely needs to do all it can to insert itself into the ALTF process. For example, HCS AC members should attend ALTF meetings if at all possible, and should seek out audience with individual ALTF members who may have questions, who don't seem to be considering all sides, who may have misinformation, etc. The HCS AC could also provide written, official feedback to the ALTF after any task force meetings, identifying any concerns, inaccuracies, oversights, questions, etc. Even if Tolley has officially suspended collaboration between the two groups, it doesn't mean the HCS AC can't submit information for potential consideration. Just don't rely on Tolley to distribute the info. Getting it into the public record--and out into the community so community members can also push--may help. The HCS AC could even organize a parent engagement event (or two) to allow ALTF members to hear from HC families if sufficient information (including personal stories) is not coming through in the ALTF meetings.