Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee Survey

Members of the HCSAC are trying to continue advocacy efforts independently despite the official pause.  I'm very much in favor of parents organizing so please take some time to fill out their survey.

The members of the HCS AC seek your input about key topics that face our students and families now and in the future. Please complete this 2-minute survey to shape unified advocacy efforts for service delivery. 
Your voice matters! Thank you for taking time to offer your quick input. 


Anonymous said...

There is nothing official about the pause. Tolley's attempt to manage advocacy is laughable and should have resulted in his termination after the high school pathway debacle where he purposely misled the Board. Shameful behavior. Please correct your misstatements. The advisory committee has always worked alongside staff not as its subordinate. What kind of advocacy would that allow?

Too real

Anonymous said...

The survey link says the survey is now closed. This true? If not, can someone indicate how to participate?

Concerned parent

Anonymous said...

And what is this "pause" being referenced? Please explain.

Concerned parent

MM said...

A commenter on Melissa Westbrook's blog said, "According to a recent parent survey, 18% HCC parents were 'very satisfied' which is down from 2012 when 48% APP parents said they were 'very satisfied. 48%? Still not so great. But only 18%? I'd be curious about a survey of student voices."

Is this from this survey? I, too, would be curious to hear what students think.